5.75" Fun Color Reusable Color Changing Plastic Spoons


$ 5.85 


These Cute 5.75 inch Reusable Color Changing spoons will be the life of the party!  These spoons are Amazing!

These colorful and cute Plastic color changing Spoons will change color when they touch Ice cold food items and change back to the original color as the warm up. Not only are they colorful and fun but these Medium weight quality spoons are great for use on any of your favorite cold food items!

Your Kids (and Adults too) will be fascinated by the awesome forever changing colors of these incredible party spoons! They never stop changing color for as long as you have them!

Use for any of your Parties or special occasions to have an unforgettable celebration! Birthdays, Bridal showers, craft shows, Graduations, Holiday parties, Family reunions, Weddings, or just for fun with your kids! Unlimited uses!

Choose from any mixture of colors from the drop down menu that works best for you!

Made in the USA! Eco Friendly Straws, Reusable and Recyclable!


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