How to step into Success at anything

The 3 Laws of Success.. Knowledge, Strategy, Execution

The 3 Laws of Success..  Knowledge, Strategy, Execution

O.K Time to make things happen.  Three steps to Succeed at anything in your life!  Knowledge, Strategy and Execution.

First you start with Knowledge.  You have to figure out the basic way to start something.  Just like this Post on my website.  I first learned how to post by reading and then I jumped in and figured it out..  Just like anything in life.  You do not have to be a guru to start.  Learn enough to start and then take action on what you know now. Once you figure the basics out, then you can go to the next stage.

The next stage is Strategy!  Now that you have the basics down, you make a plan. Of course the plans do not always go as planned( no pun intended).  It's like shooting a gun or a bow and arrow.  You cant just go shooting up the place, you need to find your target, aim and fire!  Pick your target and make a plan based on your knowledge that you have learned and the experience you now have.  This leads to the last step..  Execution!

Take Action

This is the stage where people usually quit.  They may get as far as learning so they have enough knowledge to get started... but they just don't pull the trigger.  Hey I know because I have been there as well.  Sometimes we may even get to the point of moving forward, but we end up quitting when the going gets tough.  That is why we need to stick with the K.S.E Strategy!

When things get tough you just learn from what mistakes you have made, create or alter your current strategy, and then move forward again with Execution!  If you do this, over an over again, you increase you chances of success by 100%!

Look if you do not act you will go nowhere, If you act you will go somewhere and that is better than nowhere....So what are you waiting for!  It is time to produce results!